Leaving Las Vegas

Just a short distance away and almost in sight.

An escape from the facade to reality.

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Dolce Aqua SwimWear

A Perfect Storm

So gazed I,

till the soothing things,

I dreamt

The day of the shoot was plagued by overcast clouds, but I assured the designer that I could work with what was available and create a mood not usually captured with the usual all blue sky seen normally in Souther California.

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I aspire to create unique images with depth

Line... is the most important part of any image




Visual Focal Point

Most pictures should have a main point of interest, something that captures our eye, which is called a focal point. This is important as it can make or break any photograph, because without a strong focal point the picture will be boring.


Rule of Thirds

Having a focal point is important but where you put your subject in the photo may be equally as important.  There are several design theories, but one of the most important is called the Rule of Thirds. This design theory is so important you will see it everywhere in the world, in things like: film, advertisements, TV and of course you guessed it photography. This may be one of the easiest things to understand in photography, but greatly improves photographs. You want to avoid putting your subject in the middle of the picture as it creates a boring composition, and after all we want to take good pictures don’t we.



While it may seem every photographic angle has already been done in photography, it’s still worth trying something different. Push to hit on something more original that can show off your subject and style. Try other angles like a photo from the edge of a table or above. Move in and capture your subject at a unique and up-close angle to give a perspective perhaps only a flying insect seeking food would see.

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